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The Wallabies.

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Jersey change [29 Jun 2007|04:55pm]

[ mood | discontent ]

Less than 2 years ago they changed the Wallabies jersey. I wasn't really sold on it at the time but I admit - it's grown on me over the last year or so. I actually quite like it now.

BUT... they're at it again. A new jersey for the World Cup. My only thoughts are OH DEAR GOD NO. It's gone exactly where I was expecting it to go but hoping it wouldn't - skin tight and basically collarless. YUCK. I can't see myself liking this one after any amount of time. :-\

Click thumbnail for larger image

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"Hair We Go For Charity" [20 Sep 2006|05:08pm]

[ mood | blah ]

The most famous dreadlocks in Australian sport are up for sale in the name of charityCollapse )

Hair we go for charity
By Rupert Guinness
September 20, 2006

THE most famous dreadlocks in Australian sport are up for sale in the name of charity.

Australia forward George Smith has had his first haircut in eight years.

But rather than just toss the famous dreadlocks - all 105 braids - in the bin, he is auctioning a handful off in conjunction with The Daily Telegraph.

The proceeds will go to Canteen, the Australian organisation for young people with cancer.

"I wouldn't expect much for the (dreadlocks), but anything for the charity would be great," Smith said.

South Africa certainly thought they were valuable, betting on who could pull one out.

But Smith's decision to get rid of his famous ringlets was not as hard as many may think.

"It just got too hard to manage. It's been a long time since I've had a haircut, so I thought it was about time," he said.

But wasn't he fed up with the likes of New Zealand's Jerry Collins pulling at them like horse reins?

"It wasn't the pulling. I felt it would be good to get rid of the long hair," he said.

Rugby fans may find Smith hard to recognise, but at least his 13-month old son Wyatt won't.

"My wife Louise cut it for me and my little boy was watching so he would be able to recognise me afterwards," Smith said.

"He was loving it as it got cut. He was laughing. But he knows I am still the same person."


Haha. Well, I'm going to miss that hair.. but yay for charity :]

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What the?! [13 Sep 2006|06:07am]

[ mood | shocked ]

Had you guys heard anything about this???

Rogers' shock NRL return

(Somehow not surprised it'll be after WC2007...)

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[10 Sep 2006|10:50pm]

Hey everyone. This is my first post, so I hope it's not out of line.

Did anyone watch the Springboks test last night? I watched the first half and thought it was so woeful, I went to bed. I want to know what the hell Connolley is thinking kicking away possession constantly, especialy against the Boks (I had the great misfortune to actually brave the freezing cold and attend the test in Sydney - worst game of rugby in history).

We looked like a totally different team from the one that pushed the All Blacks to the limit a few weeks ago (with the exception of Phil Waugh who never has a bad game and doesn't count).

How can we seriously think we're going to contend the Wolrd Cup in this state?

Any thoughts?

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Late-night slot for Bledisloe [27 Jul 2006|09:14pm]

[ mood | surprised ]

From FoxSports: ARU incensed by free-to-air

CHANNEL 7 has angered the Australian Rugby Union with its decision to broadcast Saturday night's Bledisloe Cup Test after midnight in Melbourne and Adelaide.

ARU chief executive Gary Flowers is incensed that its own free-to-air broadcaster has decided to delay coverage of the showpiece match until after timeless classic The Sound of Music.

I hope there aren't too many of you in Melbourne & Adelaide wanting to watch the Bledisloe this weekend on Ch 7 - you have a long wait. :-\ (I know I'd be blowing a gasket myself if I lived in either city. Sheesh. MIDNIGHT???? And don't even get me started on what they're pre-empting the match for. Crap on a stick...)

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Ryan Cross. [14 Jun 2006|08:02pm]


Ryan Cross returns to rugbyCollapse )

Hm, your thoughts?

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34-3 [13 Jun 2006|03:58pm]

At last! I'm wearing my Wallabies jersey with pride today (not that I don't on other days, but you get the point). We're back on winning form, I can feel it in my bones. OK, so there might be a few hiccups while the news boys get settled in, but we're back on track! Since I can't be bothered typing out my thoughts again, you can read them here (with gratuitous picspammage ;))

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Knuckles names his squad [29 May 2006|07:05pm]

[ mood | tired ]

From FoxSports.com.au:

Wallabies name nine rookies

AUSTRALIA has named nine rookies in a 33-man squad for the 2006 Bundaberg Rum rugby series that kicks off against England at Telstra Stadium on June 11.

Full Article

And the all-important 33-man squad that was named:

Adam Ashley-Cooper, Al Baxter, Rodney Blake, Mark Chisholm, Sam Cordingley, Rocky Elsom, Gene Fairbanks, Scott Fava, Adam Freier, Mark Gerrard, George Gregan (captain), Daniel Heenan, Greg Holmes, Alex Kanaar, Stephen Larkham, Chris Latham, Tai McIsaac, Stirling Mortlock, Sam Norton-Knight, Wycliff Palu, Jeremy Paul, Clyde Rathbone, Benn Robinson, Mat Rogers, Nathan Sharpe, Cameron Shepherd, Guy Shepherdson, George Smith, Scott Staniforth, Lote Tuqiri, Josh Valentine, Daniel Vickerman, Phil Waugh.

Some interesting choices there. I'm intrigued to see what Knuckles will do with it.

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[17 May 2006|10:54am]

Hi there sport fans,

If anybody needs to sell tickets to the Wallabies -vs- All Blacks in Brisbane due to any reason at all please let me know. I lined up for hours only to miss out by a few people.

I shall love you forever

Thank You

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Wendell Sailor. [14 May 2006|10:23am]

[ mood | blank ]

"Sailor tested positive to drugs: manager"

articleCollapse )

Sigh. Goodbye Wendy.

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The hardest Super 14 pick [06 Apr 2006|05:27pm]

[ mood | confused ]

This week's Super 14 sees the hardest tipping pick to make.

Waratahs, or Crusaders?

The Crusaders are THE TEAM. They won last year, and the year before that, and so on. They got beaten once last year, and haven't been beaten so far this year. My main tipping rule is "Back the Crusaders."

But the Waratahs... finally, finally, we supporters can hold our heads high, because our team is playing to their potential.

My heart says WARATAHS.
My head says CRUSADERS.

My head says this is the Crusaders.
My heart replies that they have to lose some time, and the Waratahs can do it. They did it last year.
My head replies true, but that was in Sydney. In the first round.

My heart says the Waratahs have the best defence in the competition.
My head replies that the Crusaders are the best team at forcing mistakes from defenders.

My heart says that the Waratahs have the best attacking record so far.
My head replies that the Crusaders are the best team at forcing mistakes from attackers.

My head says Mat Rogers will not be playing for the Waratahs.
My heart has no reply.

My heart still says WARATAHS.
My head replies THIS IS THE CRUSADERS.

What's a girl to do?!

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ELTON FLATLEY! [16 Mar 2006|07:28pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Flatley calls it quits
March 16, 2006

AUSTRALIA veteran Elton Flatley has announced his sudden retirement from rugby union just five rounds into the Super 14 season.

Flatley cited continued blurred vision as the reason behind his premature retirement at age 28.

He made his Queensland Reds debut in 1996 and in 2004 became the youngest to play 100 games for the state.

Flatley, a standout for the Wallabies in the 2003 World Cup final loss to England, has sustained a series of head knocks over the past few seasons and complained of blurred vision following the Reds' win over Western Force last weekend.


Aww man, he is one of my all time favourites. But it's for his own health reasons.. and we all want him to get better. He will certainly be missed, though :(

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ICONS. [05 Mar 2006|03:11pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Hello. Well no one has posted in here for awhile, and I made a few Super 14 players icons, so..



Feel free to post anything about Super 14. It doesn't have to be about the Wallabies :]

Thanks guys.

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[01 Feb 2006|12:24pm]

Hey all. 'Tis my first post in this community. :D

Anyway, I wanted to know what everyone thought of the new coach for the Wallabies. It seems fairly certain that John Connolly is going to get the job, unless some darkhorse candidate surprises us all in the next few days. I've only been a Wallaby fan since the 2003 RWC, so I don't really know what it was like under other coaches than Eddie Jones.

Think things will be totally different without Eddie Jones, whether its for better or worse? Wish someone else was going to get it, like Ewen McKenzie? Or, perhaps more importantly, think Connolly will help us get some better results in the lead-up to France in '07?

add yours.

APC 2006 Fixtures [05 Jan 2006|06:45pm]

Australian Provincial Competition Fixture for 2006 are out!

These of course come with all the usual disclaimers and are subject to change...

Round 1 Saturday 9 September
Western Force v Waratahs @ Members Equity, Perth
Reds v Brumbies Ballymore @ Brisbane

Round 2 Saturday 16 September
Western Force v Reds @ Members Equity, Perth
Waratahs v Brumbies @ NSW

Round 3 Saturday 23 September
Brumbies v Western Force @ ACT
Reds v Waratahs @ Ballymore, Brisbane

Round 4 Saturday 30 September
Waratahs v Western Force @ NSW
Brumbies v Reds @ ACT

Round 5 Saturday 7 October
Reds v Western Force @ Ballymore, Brisbane
Brumbies v Waratahs @ ACT

Round 6 Saturday 14 October
Western Force v Brumbies @ Members Equity, Perth
Waratahs v Reds @ NSW

FINAL Saturday 21 October

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Hi! [05 Jan 2006|06:35pm]

My name is Evie, I am 18 years old.  I am a huge Brumbies and Wallabies fan. I had been watching rugby with only a little bit of interest and then we moved house 4 years ago and my new neighbour is best mates with Matt Giteau so I changed my mind pretty quickly about rugby :P Not that is the only reason I love rugby. It is oh so much more than that. I have 2 websites... www.mattgiteau.cjb.net (currently having technical problems with that one) and www.matthenjak.cjb.net, please do visit and enjoy them.
So yes, hi and I hope to stick around awhile.

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2006 Bundaberg Rum Series [21 Dec 2005|10:52pm]

[ mood | excited ]

The dates are up!

2006 Bundaberg Rum Rugby Series Dates

Sunday 11 June - Telstra Stadium, Sydney
Qantas Wallabies v England

Saturday 17 June - Telstra Dome, Melbourne
Qantas Wallabies v England

Saturday 24 June - Subiaco Oval, Perth
Qantas Wallabies v Ireland

Saturday 15 July- Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Qantas Wallabies v South Africa

Saturday 29 July - Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Qantas Wallabies v New Zealand

Saturday 5 August - Telstra Stadium, Sydney
Qantas Wallabies v South Africa

How much am I just ITCHING to make it to Suncorp for Bledisloe? Not only is Brisbane only an hour and a half north of me (rather than doing the terrible flight/accomm/etc deal to get to Syd), but the test is 3 days after my birthday!! *prays to win Lotto in the next few months before tickets go on sale*

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[21 Dec 2005|09:28pm]

I just spoke to my cousin who's moving into a new house tomorrow. Jeremy Paul offered to help her move but she refused because she didn't want him to injure himself, and then have him (and thousands of fans, including me) pissed off because he got hurt doing something unnecessary. As she put it: "I think JP's back is worth more than Mini Movers." :D

add yours.

Daily Telegraph Poll [30 Nov 2005|09:20pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Poll I found in the Daily Telegraph while at work today.

THE performance of the Wallabies and the Kangaroos overseas has been woeful.

Is it time someone faced the axe?

I've given my say.

It's time to leave... Eddie & George.

Results will be in the Saturday Tele.

add yours.

[16 Nov 2005|07:37pm]

Announcing a new community:


For Australians (and New Zealanders ) No Longer Living In Australia.

Live in America? Iceland? Cuba?
Miss Vegemite? Coopers? Meat Pies? McLeods Daughters (I hope not)?

Then antipodeanblues is the place for you. If you are an Aussie overseas, then this community is for you.

It doesn't matter where you live in the world; as long as you don't live at home. Whether it's funny anecdotes, questions about living in a particular country, tips on living in a country, posting entries from your own diary, grappling with strange workplace ethics, griping about homesickness and the lack of decent beer or getting in touch with other Antipodeans in your part of the world, this is the place!

Come join this brand new community and help me build it into something big. There are over 1 million Australians living overseas!!

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